Every Texan that took part in this should get a nice swift kick from a Texas-sized boot. 

First off, how dare you, Business Insider. This study you guys did revealing the most popular fast food restaurant in every state is questionable at best. Chik-Fil-a dominated most of the country, but the Lone Star state had a nice big In-N-Out logo over it. What the hell, Business Insider and what the hell, Texas? I'm not saying that In-N-Out is terrible, but no way in hell is it more popular than Whataburger.

Look at just some of the stuff we have done for Whataburger: We have written poetry, we steal the tents, people get engagement photos done there, we make Tumbler cups, teens take Whataburger mascots to homecoming, cops choose Whataburger instead of helping out fellow officers, people get Whataburger tattoos, they make Whataburger shoes and people do paintings with Whataburger ketchup.

I don't see one damn Texan doing that for In-N-Out. So Business Insider, recount your votes. This is the biggest fake news story of the year just to piss us off. I'll believe Bruce Willis is moving to Burkburnett, before I believe Whataburger is not the most popular fast food restaurant in Texas.

Don't worry, a fellow Texan fixed their map for us below.

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