Poetry is not my strong subject, but you could give it shot. It could mean free Whataburger for you. 

Whataburger is looking for poets who love the fast food chain. The idea actually started back in 2015 when Amir Safi wrote a Whataburger poem (which you can see above) for the Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival. He is teaming up with Whataburger this month because it is National Burger Month. You have until May 24 to get your poems in.

Rules are simple. Write your poems on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Tag Whataburger in the poem and no more than seventy words. They urge no profanity and don't slander other companies with your poems. Every week, judges will pick three poems and social media audiences will vote for the winner to get a year's worth of Whataburger and a $500 Ticketmaster gift card.

Good luck! If you win, please hook me up with some taquitos.

BONUS: My Attempt at the Whataburger Chicken Strip Challenge

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