There's plenty of people who are loyal to Whataburger, but this guy may be the most loyal of all. That loyalty also just won him a decade of free Whataburger!

In March, Whataburger held a contest on Snapchat for people to share their Whataburger story for a chance to win a decade of free food. Well, at least they assume $3000 in gift cards would be a decade's worth of food.

Blake M from Aransas Pass posted a Snap of him sitting in a Whataburger eating. The part that really put it over the edge was his Whataburger tattoo. Blake has a Whataburger table tent on his arm forever. It has the number 361 which is the area code in Corpus Christi.

According to KXXV, Blake is a Corpus Christi native and says he's been eating Whataburger his whole life. Looks like that will be able to continue for the next decade...for free!