I have to admit to having mixed emotions when it comes to the new Whataburger Digital Kitchen.

First of all, I absolutely hate waiting in line. So, I love the thought of being able to walk right up to a locker and have my food waiting for me.

I almost exclusively order curbside pickup on the app, so it’s not like it’s that much different than how I currently interact with my favorite fast-food joint.

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But the wait times have typically been very short when I order curbside pickup, even when they have been very busy. And the employees who brought my food out to me were always pleasant.

And that’s one area in which I have mixed emotions.

The Digital Kitchen is obviously going to employ fewer people. I realize that’s the way of the world here in the digital age, but I do like interacting with people (which is weird, because every personality test I have ever taken revealed that I am an extreme introvert, so go figure).

Another area in which I have mixed emotions is how to handle the situation if something is left out of your order. I guess you’ll just have to go through the drive-thru in that case. And if you know anything about Whataburger, the wait in the drive-thru can be excruciatingly long.

With that being said, I will probably give the Digital Kitchen a try if they ever happen to open one in Wichita Falls, but for the most part, I’ll most likely just stick to ordering my burgers the old-fashioned way.


Come with us to the brand-new Whataburger Digital Kitchen in Austin, TX!

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