These stories aren't even fun to do anymore, but everyone keeps sharing them. 

I am sick of people sharing these stories and sending them to me to talk about. Stop sharing them! The most recent one I did was the next Stars Wars film being shot right here in Wichita Falls. Some fake news outlet said it was happening. Come on guys, if that actually happened, don't you think we would know first? Any of the radio stations, TV stations or newspapers would be all over that in our area. Not some random station we have never heard of.

The latest one is of Bruce Willis talking about the friendly people in Burkburnett. I'm not even going to link to it because I already gave them a click. So you don't need to increase their page views. Basically, Bruce Willis' car supposedly broke down in Burk and some friendly residents helped him out.

I get this sent to me to talk about today and I wanted to tell the person they were a moron. People STILL think these stories are real. Always check the disclaimers on these sites for it to say satire or fake stories. If it does, don't send to me. I'm just gonna send you this video I made above in the future.

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