Doesn't hurt to be prepared during storm season and it looks like things may pop off in our area this weekend.

Tornado Models Predicting Possible Outbreak Saturday

Living here in North Texas, we know that the weather can change unpredictably. However, I got up this morning scrolling through Twitter and I saw A LOT of weather experts warning folks to keep an eye on a potential bad thunderstorm.

CWASP stands for, Craven-Wiedenfeld Aggregate Severe Parameter. Here is how this thing works for monitoring potential severe weather.

This aggregate parameter is the sum of 33 individual weighted parameters, ranging from mandatory pressure level winds, temperature and moisture, to CAPE and vertical shear. Typical ranges of values were established for each parameter in association with significant tornado (EF2+) events, and a numerical weight of 0-3 was assigned to each parameter. If all parameters are consistent with historical EF2+ tornado events, the CWASP total will reach a maximum value of 99. The majority of EF2+ tornadoes have occurred with CWASP values above about 70.

^Look, I barely graduated college and only understand half of what is going on in that paragraph above. Apparently if your area has a 70+ range, you have a really good shot at a tornado. Wichita Falls in that model is right at the 80-85 range.

Storm Chasers Also Keeping an Eye on Our Area

Reed Timmer one of the more popular storm chasers in the country is also keeping an eye on this potential Saturday storm. However his models have the severity of it a lot more north of Wichita Falls, but as you can see we're still in the red zone in the model above, so definitely not out of the clear.

It seems like the experts in the field are keeping an eye on our area over the next few days and it would be smart to have a plan in place. We have a lovely check list for you for when a tornado touches down. Check it out below and good news. Emergency supplies are tax free this weekend in Texas. Get info on that here.

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