That's one way to try to get out of a stolen vehicle charge.

"Lucky" Tulsa Lady Gets Awesome Birthday Tip

Let's head to Northern Oklahoma as a woman maybe had one of the greatest birthdays ever. least that's the way her story went. Tulsa police pulled over Angela Harrison back on April 1st after receiving several tips she was driving a stolen vehicle. Here is where the story gets interesting.

Angela Claims She Was Gifted the Stolen Vehicle Just an Hour Before

Mrs. Harrison apparently used to be a Waffle House waitress. She claims a former customer of hers found out her birthday was coming up. She claims this customer gave her ten dollars and if that wasn't enough. A white Jeep Liberty. That's right, like this is the freaking Price is Right, A NEW CAR!

Here is Where The Story Starts to Unravel

Police had been getting tips on Angela driving this stolen vehicle around for months. When asked how they had proof she had been driving around in this Jeep since at least January. She had no explanation, since she claimed she had just gotten it one hour before. Harrison was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle was from a Deceased Individual

No word on how Angela actually got her hands on the vehicle. The owner of the Jeep had died last year and their family had reported it as missing. The vehicle has since been returned to that family.

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Let that be lesson that the birthday tip excuse is probably not going to work on an officer.

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