A San Antonio police officer has been suspended for ordering something to eat at Whataburger instead of helping his fellow officers.

Officer Gary Nel has been suspended for 30 days after failing to assist another officer with an intoxicated suspect who was causing a disturbance at a local Whataburger.

When Nel arrived at the location, the manager asked if he was there to help with the intoxicated man outside, to which Nel said no and that he was there to eat. The officer outside had to call for backup while Nel remained inside, sitting in the corner eating his food.

Nel told internal affairs that he was inside eating and saw two officers outside with a suspect who was already handcuffed.

This isn't the first time Nel's actions have been called into question. Last year, video of Nel bodyslamming a DUI suspect was released, he's been removed from traffic duty for another altercation, and he was previously suspended for failing to find drugs on an apprehended suspect. KENS 5 requested an interview from the SAPD, but was refused.