Last Christmas, the must have gift in Texas seemed to be the Yeti stainless steel tumbler. Everyone was going nuts about having the ability to keep their cold drinks ice cold for the entire day. Stores couldn't keep them on the shelves.

Now, Texans have the ability to combine their love of cold drinks with one of their favorite places to get those cold drinks. You can now own your very own Whataburger stainless steel tumbler.

The new product recently appeared online in the Whataburger gift shop. For only $42.99 you could have this "official 30-oz. powder-coated stainless steel cup.  Perfect for all your beverages." If that price tag seems a bit much, they also have another version with just the Whataburger Logo on a normal silver tumbler for $24.99.

While they aren't officially branded as Yeti brand cups, they are the only official Whataburger versions available. They say that due to high demand if you order now, you may not get yours until December 1st. Still, that leaves plenty of time before Christmas.

If you've already got the Whataburger tattoo, and the Whataburger Nike shoes, it's really a no-brainer to know you're going to need to Whataburger stainless steel tumbler to go along with it all. Get yours now at