Look at this judge doing some petty vandalism. It's hilarious.

Jim Phaup is the mayor of Sunnyvale, Texas. He is currently running as the Republican candidate for Texas House District 113. During election times, you see signs posted all over people's lawns. Phaup had a sign placed in an empty lot that kept getting destroyed. This most recent time they put up a security camera to find the culprit.

Security cam footage appears to show Dallas County Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger as the culprit. Check out the video footage above. Looks like Bill to me. He does own a house across the street from the lot where the sign was placed. "I'm kind of sad. I'm kind of sad anybody feels the need to do something like this,” Phaup said. “There's so many more important things to do.”

WFAA showed the video to Judge Metzger and when asked if that is him in the video he said, “It doesn't look like… I can't tell to be honest.” Metzger did admit to taking down signs previously that were placed illegally.

So this is an abandoned lot. That does sound like an illegal placement, right? Actually, no. Phaup contacted the person who owns the land and asked if he could place signs on that property for $200. He has a signed agreement with that landowner stating he can place campaign signs on that land. Phaup is considering filing charges of vandalism against Judge Metzger.

I hope he does. I would love to see this play out in court.

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