Might want to think twice about having some alcohol in South Texas.

I enjoy a good urban legend and I have shared some of my favorites with you. Like The Candy Lady from Terrell, Texas and Shaman's Portal up in Oklahoma. A new list came out with the best Urban Legend from Texas and it was not The Candy Lady this time, it was Lechuza.

The tale of Lechuza has many different incarnations. From what I have seen it is the story from somewhere in South Texas. A woman lost her child to a drunk driver. So she made a deal with the devil to become a witch and to take vengeance on drunk drivers at night. Lechuza is basically an owl woman. An owl's body with the face and hair of a woman. During the day this woman looks normal, but at night she becomes Lechuza.

It has been told that Lechuza can carry a full grown man with her talons and can run cars off the road. She can also control the weather. Lechuza cannot be harmed by guns or most other weapons. The only thing that drives a Lechuza away is salt. You can also try screaming/cussing at it.


So be sure if you go out drinking in South Texas, you have a designated driver. Also be sure to have some salt with you...just in case.

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