What is going on with this neighborhood? 

The below video showing an unfinished housing development in Austin has sparked debate on X about the housing market in our capital city.  

Some are saying that it’s a sign of how overpriced real estate is now that Tesla has moved in. Others claim this is just one bad example in an otherwise robust market.

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While I’m no real estate expert by any stretch of the imagination, I tend to agree with the person who commented about it being a gold mine for someone out there. Someone with the right expertise could probably buy it, finish it up, and flip it for a good profit. 

However, my biggest takeaway from the clip is just how terrible people can be. 

Any time some sort of structure sits abandoned, you can count on someone coming along and vandalizing it. I just don’t understand how people get such pleasure from destroying and defacing other peoples’ property. 

Hopefully, someone will come along and save the neighborhood. However, the longer it sits abandoned, the less likely it is to happen.

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