Time to reignite some Wichita Falls rivalries one last time.

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Starting this fall, Wichita Falls will have two new high schools in town. Legacy and Memorial. Before we close out the final chapters for our three high schools in town this spring. Let's get a friendly debate going as to who has the best fight song.

First Up, Wichita Falls Coyotes Fight Song

A YouTube page called Texas HS Sports 05 uploaded some very high quality audio of our local high school fight songs. I thought it would be fun to see which one you think is the best.

Second, Rider Raiders Fight Song

Sorry Hirschi, This is All I Can Find

I hope this is the Hirschi High School fight song. If not, can someone send it to me so I can upload here? Give them all a listen, let me know what you think the best fight song for our Wichita Falls high schools is.

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Also since I have previously did a mascot ranking for all of the Texoma mascots, not just our Wichita Falls high schools. Let me know which mascot you think is the best as well. I know some people will hate my logic on this, but I thought it was fun. Scroll through below to check it out.

Texoma High School Mascot Battle, Who Wins?

If you put all the mascots in Texoma up against each other in a fight, who comes out on top? I did a full breakdown on the science behind each logo this morning and we go from worst to first.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

More Texoma High School Mascot Rankings

Today we go further into our mascot fight. Represented today is Wilbarger, Baylor, and Young counties. See where your favorite mascot lands in today's battle.

Gallery Credit: Stryker

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