One thing you never want to see in your town driving around during storm season is Reed Timmer's Dominator truck.

Introducing Reed Timmer, the Viral Storm Chaser

If you're someone who is into storm chasing, you definitely know who Reed Timmer is. Just in case you're unfamiliar. Reed has a team of trucks called SRV Dominators. SRV stands for Storm Research Vehicle. These trucks are meant to get as close as possible to a tornado, but they do not actually drive through tornadoes. If you see one of these in your area during storm season, might want to take that thunderstorm warning seriously.

Crazy Weather Weekend in Texas and Oklahoma This Weekend

Texas had twelve official tornadoes touchdown over the weekend. Our friends in Oklahoma appear to have the most damage from these weekends storms. Nebraska without a doubt had the worst damage in the country over the weekend. Sulphur and Marietta, Oklahoma appear to have the most damage in Oklahoma this weekend.

Reed Timmer's Team Live Stream in Texoma

So Reed Timmer's trucks were very active on Saturday chasing tornadoes from Kansas, Oklahoma, and to our area in North Texas. Just after the two hour mark in the live stream above, Reed's team is heading to Wichita Falls to document a possible tornado in our area. At that two hour mark, they're in Oklahoma. So it takes awhile to get to our area.

Dominator in Vernon, Electra, Burkburnett, and Iowa Park This Weekend


From the four hour mark to about the six hour mark in the live stream. They're driving through our area. You can probably recognize some familiar roads they're cruising through before they decide to head back north up into Oklahoma to go chase up there. If you ever need some safety tips for what to do when a tornado touches down, we have a lovely step by step list below.

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