People have reportedly been disappearing from here for centuries, which could have something to do with abnormalities in the ground.

Last year, you may remember me telling you about the creepy Texas urban legend known as the Candy Lady. Oklahoma, it's your turn to tell us a scary tale. This urban legend is a place called Shaman's Portal, also known as the Bermuda Triangle of Oklahoma.

It's located in Beaver Dunes Park, which is just northwest of Oklahoma City. This place was built on top of an Indian burial ground. If horror movies have taught me anything, it's NEVER build anything on top of an Indian burial ground. Stories go as far back as the 1500's for Shaman's Portal. Spanish conquistadors were traveling through this area looking for gold and disappeared without a trace.

Natives told the Spaniards to avoid the dunes where this supposed portal is located. The Spainairds ignored these warnings and were never seen again. Other disappearances have been reported as well over the years and no one knows where they go.

But this story is a lot bigger than just people disappearing.

People also claim that a UFO crashed into this area at some point. A group in the 90s actually came out to the Beaver Dunes area to investigate this claim. They tested the soil for the supposed crash site and they found something. They honestly don't know what is in the soil, but they called it abnormal. They say it contained such anomalies as constant electromagnetic interference and ionized soil cores.


Some people believe the UFO is buried deep under the soil and the ship is still running giving off the electromagnetic interference. If you want to go check out Shaman's Portal, just head to Beaver, Oklahoma. Be careful, you could disappear into another dimension.

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