An investigation is underway after an assignment has lead to many parents deeming it offensive and disturbing.

Theater Assignment Leads to Teacher's Suspension

Looks like the Hays CISD is currently investigating an assignment that a long term substitute assigned for a theater class at Johnson High School did. The assignment was to do a puppet show, where at least one puppet had to be murdered. Let's face it, we all know at least one theater production that has a murder in it. So this really doesn't seem that bad to me. Here is where things get a little muddy.

One Group of Students Had a Mass Shooting Puppet Show

According to several students in the class, one group was planning to recreate a mass shooting using their puppets. Obviously in any school setting, you could see how this would upset many people. I really thought it was the group of students that came up with this idea and obviously they should have been punished. According to the students, it was actually the teacher.

Teacher Told Students It Wasn't 'Violent Enough'

Allegedly the group was told if they did not do the assignment, they would get a zero. Once again, the school district is trying to figure out if the kids were forced to do a school shooting puppet show or if the teacher was unaware of what the students were doing beforehand. One student in the class said once the group performed, the teacher told them it wasn't violent enough.

Hays CISD Statement on Investigation

“The school and the district apologize to the students and their parents for any distress this has caused and pledges to ensure that it does not happen again.” The district said based on the investigation, the substitute could be asked not to return to its schools.“If warranted, appropriate reports and referrals would be made to law enforcement and the Texas Education Agency educator misconduct portal,” the district said.

Who is at Fault?

Normally at this point, I have a good idea of who to blame. I think Hays CISD needs to do some more digging into this one. If the students came up with the idea, they need to be punished. If the teacher's assignment was just a puppet show where one of them needs to die. If the teacher blatantly said you need to reenact a school shooting with puppets...yeah they're probably going to be let go. We will wait and see as more information comes along.

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