The next time you need some jewelry, but your sweet tooth wants some cake. Wichita Falls now has the perfect place for you.

Congratulations to Nacol's Jewelry on Their New Location

When it comes to businesses that have been in Wichita Falls for decades. You have to show some respect to Nacol's Jewelry. They have been selling jewelry in Wichita Falls since 1889. Literally 100 years before I was born Nacol's Jewelry was doing their thing. That's freaking impressive. For the past 40 years, you may have visited their location on Kemp Boulevard. They have moved out of there to 2520 Mallard Drive. Check it out below.

Check Out the New Nacol's Jewelry in Wichita Falls

They Have Also Added a Cake and Coffee Bar in the Same Building

According to the 1889 website, the merger of the two unique businesses is not what you would expect to see in the same building.

Nacols Jewelry and 1889 Cake & Coffee Bar are coming together at our new location. We're thrilled to combine two businesses that don't typically go hand in hand. But when you think about it, every special occasion can use a stunning piece of jewelry and a delectable cake. Our mission is to offer you freshly brewed coffee, homemade pastries, and warm embraces.

I got to be honest, it's not a bad idea. Fellas, you can go get your engagement ring and potentially get your wedding cake in the same building. Plus if you need a caffeine fix while doing your jewelry shopping, hit up the coffee bar. Best of luck to the new businesses opening in Wichita Falls. Be sure you go check it out and save some cake for me.

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