Some of you irk me more than others, but here are my top ten worst offenders in the city.

Yeah, I drive for Lyft a couple nights a week to supplement my income. Covid hit the radio industry as well, so had to make some more money on the income I was missing out on. Decided to drive for Lyft so I can set my own hours and drive when I have some free time.

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  • 1

    The Not Ready People

    Unsplash User: Priscilla De Pruz

    This is number one for me and it's not even close. Why are you requesting a ride if you don't want me to pick you up? Every time I drive, someone is like, "Hey I'm not ready can you wait another fifteen minutes?" No, I don't get paid to sit and wait around for you. Please only request a ride if you're ready to go. If you need more time and someone accepts your ride CANCEL IMMEDIATELY.

  • 2

    The Cancellers

    Unsplash User Markus Winkler

    This one isn't so bad because I do get paid if you cancel. I do have to admit. It's kind of annoying when I get somewhere sit for five minutes and then call to ask where you're at and you cancel the ride. You get alerts when I accept the ride, when I'm two minutes away, and when I am there. Once again, just cancel right away if you don't want the ride. Don't have me drive all the way to you then cancel.

  • 3

    The Multiple Stop People

    Unsplash User Nadine Shaabar

    I got to admit, I don't mind making a stop if it's on the way to your destination. I have a guy pretty regularly ask if he can pick up a case of beer on the way home. Since it's just up the street, I don't mind at all. I once had a girl when we were downtown ask if I could drop her off somewhere on Southwest Parkway, then take her to her other destination near Sheppard Air Force Base. That's so far out of the way and Lyft DOES NOT compensate drivers if they go off the route. Do not ask for multiple stops if they're not within your destination.

  • 4

    Drunk Backseat Drivers

    Unsplash User Elvis Bekmanis

    By the way, not calling out drunk people getting a safe ride home. I really thought this would be a majority of my rides. It's realistically maybe 10% of my week. Most people are super cool, but occasionally you have the guy that is so drunk they think I am taking them the wrong way home. Dude, you can barely make a complete coherent sentence. Let's just follow the GPS and let me get you safely home. I really don't care about a back way that has one less stop sign.

  • 5

    Muddy Shoes

    Unsplash User: josh-calabrese

    Some of you have no respect for other people's vehicles. The amount of trash some folks have left behind is astounding. The worst offenders are the MSU students who stay in Pierce hall. They cut through the mud to get in and destroy my floors. I just feel bad for the people I go to next who then have to sit back there thinking I don't clean my car.

  • 6

    Drive Thru Order People


    This one is just awkward for me. Not a fan of when we pull up to a drive thru and you make me order for you. Please hop over to the left seat and order for yourself. Not really the end of the world if this happens, just not a fan of it.

  • 7

    Long Distance Non Tippers


    If you drive for a long distance with any ride sharing service, you better tip that driver. I'm talking like a trip to Dallas. Lyft only compensates me for the trip there, so if I have to drive all the way to Dallas, then back to Wichita Falls. I barely make any money and it's not really worth it. I would say more than half of those long distance trips do I receive a tip.

  • 8

    The Five Star People

    daniel olah

    Let me be 100% honest with you. That star rating system does absolutely nothing. The only thing it does is if you give one or two stars. That will block me from ever picking you up again. So if you have a real a-hole driver, give him one or two and they will never pick you up again. If you think giving me five stars is giving me a tip, it's not. Literally giving me three stars is exactly the same as giving me five. It makes no difference.

  • 9

    The B.O. Guy


    I should probably just block this guy because his body odor is awful. Seriously, it's like the Seinfeld episode with the b.o. in Jerry's car. He gets out and it just lingers for at least the next three pickups. I have had to tell people that is not me, it is another passenger that has that smell.

  • 10

    Covid Crazies

    mark konig

    Let me just say that in all of my pickups. I never required anyone to wear a mask. By the time I started driving for Lyft, we were well into Covid. At that point, you already had your opinions on masks. If you want to, go right ahead. I wear one because I am required to by Lyft. The people I am talking about, are the people that get mad at me for wearing a mask. People have literally threatened me for wearing one. It literally is not affecting you and I never brought up you wearing one.

  • BONUS: Jason

    Let's do one extra and talk about literally the worst passenger I have. If you know a Jason that is a drunk p.o.s., I'm probably talking about him. Holy crap this guy is annoying. He is always blackout wasted every time I pick him up, doesn't matter what time it is. I have found him pissing on at least five bars in town. He gets so drunk, that he repeats the same story the whole trip. Jason I get that you're getting a safe ride home, but for the love of God you have a drinking problem. You should not be getting wasted like this EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.