You're representing Texas making brisket like that?

I'm already prepared for the comments on this story, but as I state with any political story I write. I don't care what side of politics you're on. You do something funny, I'm going to comment on it and we have a pretty good one today. Looks like Texas Senator John Cornyn was just trying to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and show off his Christmas brisket.

This simple tweet should be brimming with Christmas Spirit. Sadly, everyone was suddenly turned into Mr. Scrooge starring at this brisket. I mean, that brisket looks dry as anything and please tell me that's not ketchup on top of the meat. It is clearly some tomato based sauce. A good brisket should melt in your mouth, you don't even need a sauce if you do it right.

Senator Cornyn was roasted on Twitter for his brisket. With other showing him their own briskets and others claiming he is spending too much time in Washington if he thinks this is a good brisket. Here are some of my favorite responses below.

"What in the Son of God's name did you do to that brisket?! This is definitely a crime in Kansas City," said @realThorr.

"I'm a butcher's daughter from Boston and if I ever did that to a brisket my late father would come back from the grave and stomp a mud hole in my ass," said @JodeanTownsend

"A government representative for the state of Texas posted this picture and called it brisket... unironically. How has he not been burned at the stake?" said @ElectricMayhem6.

You can scroll through the craziness if you like on the actual tweet. Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, that maybe the most sad Texas brisket I have ever seen.

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