This doesn't normally happen to female lions and zookeepers are confused.

Pictured above is a male lion. We have seen our entire lives that male lions when they get older develop a mane around their head. That little bit of extra hair. As a kid watching 'The Lion King' I always thought it was a beard. I was a dumb kid by the way.

At the Oklahoma City Zoo, one of their female lions starting growing a mane. An 18-year-old lion named Bridget started growing a mane in recent months and no one has any idea why. The mane has only begun to grow in the chest, shoulders, and lower neck area.

As of right now, they're just speculating, but an increase in hormones developing in the female could have caused a mane to grow. This could have happened because of ovarian or adrenal blood issues in the lion. They're still awaiting blood tests back on the lioness, but as of right now she looks completely healthy.

Well Bridget, looks like with your extra facial hair you could run the pride. Even though females do the hunting in the wild for the most part. I hope this isn't some serious medical condition for the girl and just some extra hair.

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