For all the things to be famous for, that's an interesting one.

Welcome to the Town of Beaver, Oklahoma


A running joke online for years has been, "What goes on in that part of Oklahoma?" Well it is home to three counties, one of them funny enough is actually called Texas. However today we're focusing on Beaver County, Oklahoma. Today I discovered they're famous for an annual competition that has been going on since 1969 (Nice!).

The Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World

Beaver, Oklahoma holds an annual cow chip throwing competition every year. The current record holder is a man by the name of Drew Russell. He tossed his cow chip 188 feet, six inches back in 2015.

The Town Even Has a Cow Chip Parade

Imagine loving cow chips so much that you parade a giant beaver around your town holding a cow chip. The small town's biggest industry is cattle. So they decided to put that poop lying around to work and make it sort of a tourist destination once a year. It works. The town population doubles in size for the Cow Chip Throwing Competition.

Apparently when you become mayor of Beaver, Oklahoma. You're gifted a box of cow chips. This town doesn't mess around when they mean Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World. So if you ever find yourself in Beaver, Oklahoma in August and it smells like s***. It could be the local farm or some dude trying to throw cow chips over 100 feet.

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