Looks like an Oklahoma man was unhappy that a Satanic Temple existed so he attempted to blow it up himself.

April 8th, 2024 Satanic Temple Hit With Pipe Bomb

At 4:14 in the morning just ten days ago. A pipe bomb went off at the entrance of the Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts. The FBI has been investigating for over a week now, but surveillance footage catches a man wearing black pants, a black jacket, a black face covering, and a tan-colored tactical vest and gloves. Looks like police have a suspect and surprisingly he's from Oklahoma.

FBI Arrests Sean Palmer of Perkins, Oklahoma

Looks like the FBI field office in Oklahoma City have arrested a suspect matching the description in the surveillance video. Allegedly the FBI got a tip about Sean Palmer and the tip claims he posts religious messages similar to a note that was left at the scene. The FBI did release a snippet of the six page note that was left.

Small Portion of Letter Left at Satanist Temple

Dear Satanist, Elohim send me 7 months ago to give you peaceful message to hope you repent. You say no, Elohim now send me to smite Satan and I happy to obey. And Elohim want me to contact you to tell you repent. Turn from sin. Elohim no like this place and plan to destroy it. Maybe Salem too? Elohim send me to fight crybaby Satan, but want me to make hard effort so no one dies. I obey.

The tip also stated they have seen Sean in a similar tan vest before. The FBI says they have proof that Sean purchased a PVC pipe from a hardware store in Oklahoma on April 3rd that is similar to the one used on April 8th at the Satanic Temple.

What Charges Will Sean Palmer Be Facing If Found Guilty?

If officially charged, the FBI plans to charge Sean with fire or an explosive to cause damage to a building used in interstate or foreign commerce. This carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison, all the way up to twenty. Sean will also have three years of supervision once released and could face a fine of up to $250,000. We will wait and see what happens with this case as more develops.

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