Everything is bigger in Texas.

The Federal Aviation Administration received a request last month for an aeronautical study to build the world’s largest Ferris wheel. The proposed plan is 900 feet high. The current record holder sits in Las Vegas at 550 feet high. Currently, another Ferris wheel is being built in Dubai that would measure out to 668 feet. This proposed Ferris wheel in Texas would be bigger than both of those.

The state of Texas has no idea who submitted this request. The piece of property where the proposed Ferris wheel would be built in San Antonio, owned by CPS Energy has now been pulled off the market. CPS Energy spokesman Jonathan Tijerina said they don’t have plans to sell it now and don’t know who is behind the Ferris wheel.

The FAA still did the aeronautical study and the proposed Ferris wheel would interfere with air traffic. So air traffic would have to avoid the area if this thing gets built.

If the plans are real and it does get built, it would be the tallest building in San Antonio -- it would dominate San Antonio’s skyline. The proposed Ferris wheel would loom 150 feet above San Antonio’s tallest building, the Tower of the Americas, which is 750 feet tall, counting its spire.

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