Company policy is company policy. This lady wasn't having it when she went to pick up her food recently.

Looks like last week the Midland, Texas Crime Stoppers shared a video of an incident that went down at a Wing Stop location in their town. Now this actually took place on March 9th, but police have still not found the woman. So their Crime Stoppers division is sharing the video to get more eyeballs on it and boy is it a crazy video to see.

Frustrated Lady Loses It

Now we have all been frustrated at a restaurant before. Maybe they forgot something in your order or maybe they messed up your order completely. It ticks us all off, but mistakes happen. You go in there and HOPEFULLY keep your cool to get it fixed. That is the situation that I thought happened here. Nope, this is all due to a to go policy that Wing Stop has.

Wing Stop Policy

If you place an online order using a credit card, you must bring the credit card with you to confirm that it is you. This woman did not know about this and I guess did not have the card with her. According to Wing Stop, it was a male name on the order and her name was not given to pick it up. If you have the card, they will give you the food.

Keep Scrolling for the Crazy Video

She begins arguing with the staff and then Hulks out at the front counter. She pushed all of the electronic equipment off the front counter. Including registers and phones. If you worked in the industry before, you know these things are not cheap. According to Midland Crime Stoppers, she did around $21,000 in damages to the business.

Reward for Her Arrest

Midland Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to her arrest. If a person has information about the case, call the hotline, go to or use the mobile app P3 TIPS. A person could earn up to a $1,000 cash reward if the tip leads to her arrest. No caller ID is used, and callers will remain anonymous. Reference MPD case 230313301.

Watch This Woman Trash a Wing Stop Counter

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