What are the future for the mascots in Wichita Falls? No one knows yet, but I think I found the worst high school mascot name in Texas.

I can't get online without someone in town complaining about the future of the Wichita Falls mascots. My opinion on this, we're going from three schools to two. One of the schools was going to be mad their school's mascot was left out if we kept everything the same. I know YOU think YOUR mascot is better. Whether it was the Coyote, the Raider, or the Huskie.

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As far as I know, the vote for the new schools came with new mascots, colors, and everything that goes along with that. New names have been submitted and the debate rages on what the future of Wichita Falls mascots will be. I have decided to have some fun with this today and find the worst mascots in Texas (my opinion).

How about the Burrs?

What the hell is a Burr? You know those spiky things you get in your yard? Yes, a school in Texas has named their mascot after those damn things.Chinquapin Preparatory School over in the Highlands of Texas is the Burrs. Unique, but awful mascot name.

How about the Farmers?


This one is just lazy to me. Nothing against farmers at all. When your town is Farmsville, Texas and you need a mascot for Farmsville High School it's like you didn't even try at all.

How about the Unicorns?


If Lisa Frank was making a high school, their mascot would be the Unicorns. New Braunfels High School has been rocking this mascot. Don't get me wrong, it is an angry looking unicorn, but at the end of the day. Your mascot is a mythical creature that 5-year-old girls have stickers of on their folders.

How about the Yoemen?


What the hell is a Yoemen? Well C.H. Yoe is the founder of Yoe High School in Cameron, Texas. Not only did he get the school name, but the mascot as well. Now their mascot is actually an archer. If you look up yeomen in the dictionary, it is a skilled archer in the 18th century. Even though it is not spelled like that guy's last name, someone said meh close enough.

How about the Maroons?


Did the Looney Tunes go to this school? Is the mascot literally a color? According to Stephen F. Austin High over in Austin, a "Maroon" is anyone who represents the school with pride. Sure, why the hell not, that's what a Maroon is. It's a giant fluff ball with eyes.

How about the Pied Pipers?


Hey, I actually like this one. Over in Hamlin, Texas at the local high school you have the Pied Pipers. Apparently Hamelin, Germany has a rich history of Pied Pipers. So Hamelin, Germany...Hamlin, Texas? One letter off, close enough.

How about the Skeeters?


I've already talked about my love for the skeeters mascot in minor league baseball. Turns out the Mesquite High School also rocks the mosquito mascot. Remember mosquitos are the deadliest animal in the world, very intimidating.

How about the Voks?


Alright these final two are the worst ones in Texas. The Voks? I couldn't even guess what that is. Sidney Lanier High School in San Antonio says it is a vocational student. How in the hell do you make that a mascot? It's a giant gear, FOR SOME REASON.

Finally, how about the Buttons?


Yes, Buttons! Central Catholic High School in San Antonio are the Buttons. Who thought this was a good idea? So the mascot is actually a rattlesnake, OK that's awesome, so why are they called the Buttons? The tip at the end of the rattlesnake... is called a button. This school somehow took a badass mascot and turned it into the lamest thing possible.

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