As someone who grew up loving Sikes Senter Mall, all of this talk of the mall joining the ranks of dead malls here in the U.S. is so damn depressing.

Last week, I shared a gallery of creepy photos from in and around Dillard’s as it prepares to close its location in the mall. And today I came across a video shared on Reddit by the assistant manager of the T-Mobile location inside the mall.

The assistant manager said that the video represents what it looks like there almost every day. And of course, there’s not a single person in sight in the video.

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Unlike the video, the last few times I’ve gone to Sikes Senter, there’s been a handful of people there (not to mention the fact that Books-a-Million is usually busy when I go there). So, it’s shocking to hear that it’s typically empty from someone who is there every day.

The good news is that a group of store owners unofficially known as “The Village” is working together in an effort to revitalize the mall, according to Newschannel 6. Entrepreneur Flash Masterson says the goal is to bring in a new generation of businesses to Sikes Senter:

We want to retain the name and the history of Sikes Senter, but we also want to bring in so these new guys can make their own history with Sikes Senter, but bring it in on the way that it should be for their generation.

Rest assured that no one is pulling harder for the mall to survive than me. It’s been here my whole life and I’m not ready to see it go.

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