I know some of you ladies are starting to panic at the thought of those candles not being in Wichita Falls.

Not gonna lie, don't spend a lot of time in Bath and Body Works myself. I learned the hard way last year that you wait for semi annual sale to buy all the stuff. I thought I was going to be the ultimate boyfriend and buy every candle, soap, and plugin thing for Halloween. Then that $300 price slapped me right in the face. Me being too stubborn I ate that charge that day.

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To you folks that love all those holiday fragrances, you will have to go slightly up the road in Wichita Falls later on this year. Another store is leaving Sikes Senter Mall for Quail Creek Shopping Center. You probably know this as the shopping center with the Academy Sporting Goods. This is the second store to leave the mall for this place. Old Navy recently opened there earlier this year.


A Bath and Body Works spokesperson confirmed to me this morning that this will be a relocation and the mall store will eventually close. According to an article from The Times Record News, construction is set to begin in the next few weeks. The store will hopefully be ready to go by October.

Great, I can once again pay three figures for pumpkin scented candles, soap, and hand sanitizer. The store will have slightly more space than what they currently have at the mall and it will be going in near the Five Below.

We will see what the future holds for shopping options in Wichita Falls.

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