It’s the end of an era here in Wichita Falls.

Sikes Senter Mall began construction in 1973, eventually opening its doors in 1974. At the time of its opening, Dillard’s was considered to be an anchor store along with JC Penney.

Since yours truly was born in 1973 right here in Wichita Falls, I don’t know of a world without the mall. And while many stores have come and gone throughout my lifetime, Dillard’s has always been there. So, it’s just damn weird to think of Sikes Senter Mall without Dillard’s.

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But that’s how it goes in the world of business – especially in this day and age when malls are becoming a thing of the past. Mall closures have become so prevalent in the age of online shopping that there’s a website called that tracks mall closures.

That’s not to say that Sikes Senter will be closing anytime soon. In fact, a group of store owners known as “The Village” has come together in an effort to revive the mall, according to Newschannel 6.

I sure hope they succeed.

It’s admittedly going to be an uphill battle with anchor stores like Old Navy and Dillard’s leaving. The good news is that the mall is at 80% capacity and growing, which is encouraging.

But, it’s still bizarre to see Dillard’s as a shell of its former self as it prepares to (hopefully) relocate somewhere here in Wichita Falls.

Take a look inside Dillard’s during its final days at Sikes Senter Mall.

Creepy Photos of Dillard's in Its Final Days at Sikes Senter Mall

Dillard's is only a shell of itself here in its last days in Sikes Senter Mall.

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