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Looks like things are going from bad to worse at Sikes Senter Mall right now. Back in July, one of the original mall stores, Dillards closed it's locations. What sucks is that these are anchor stores and Dillards took up two spots in the mall. That is going to be a major hole in the mall. Sadly, another store is announcing they will be leaving as well.


Citi Trends general manger Denise Hale told KFDX that their store will be moving out of the mall on September 17th. Hale said the decision to leave was a corporate decision that she believes was a result of rent negotiations with the mall. Which I believe is what also went down with Dillard's when they closed as well.

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Customers were made aware earlier this week with signs announcing the closing of the store. Sad to see another buisness moving out of the mall and I don't know if Citi Trends would open another location in Wichita Falls outside of the mall. I consider them a mall store like Spencer's or Hot Topic.

I can't imagine a free standing Hot Topic store. Something like that has to be in a mall, right? We already lost Lids a few years ago and I considered that one of the Holy Trinity of mall stores.

The good news for the mall right now is that Spirit Halloween is taking up some space. Bad news though, that will go away in November. Hopefully some new stuff starts coming to Sikes Senter in the future.

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