Thanksgiving is coming up -- one of my favorite holidays -- and we were curious to find out what the most popular side dishes are in Texoma.

I love Thanksgiving. Mainly because I am guaranteed to watch the Cowboys play on this day and it is the one game I go to every year. My family eats a ridiculously early Thanksgiving at 11am so we can get down to AT&T Stadium for the game. We still do enjoy those classic Thanksgiving meals, though.

Of course, Turkey is the standard for most Thanksgiving tables, but what do you have that goes along with it? We asked you to tell us your favorite Thanksgiving side dish -- the single most important side you just can't do without on Turkey Day. Check out the top five answers below.

Also, today I learned the difference between stuffing and dressing. Stuffing is when you cook it in the bird and dressing is when you just cook it in its own dish.

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    Green Bean Casserole

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    Mashed Potatoes

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    TIE Sweet Potato Casserole

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    TIE Corn Casserole

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