If I saw this crap, my shopping would be coming to a close. These people are acting like nothing is happening.

Over in Alvin, Texas, a Walmart has become infested with a nice colony of bats. That is what a group of bats is called, you learned something today.

Jerry Lattermann shared his trip walking down the Walmart aisle and EVERYONE is calm. Not one person is freaking out about this. Is this normal at the Alvin Walmart? The staff probably has nicknames for these little guys.

Yes, I am fully aware that bats mostly eat insects and fruit for the most part. However, 'Dracula' movies always pop into my head and I think these things are going to latch onto my neck.

If the Wichita Falls Walmart became infested with bats flying around the aisles, I sure as hell would not be shopping there again.

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