With everything going on in the world, restaurants have lost a lot of money. Now a local restaurant is having to deal with a thief taking their plants.

Thai Orchid just off of Kemp Boulevard is letting local businesses know they have a plant thief in the area. This isn't the first time they're dealing with this either. They say this is the third incident and the second time this month. The owner shared surveillance footage with KAUZ about the latest theft.

This one happened this past Thursday around 6 AM. The owner said it takes years for these plants to grow to that size. The owner says he keeps the plants outside during the summer time and he doesn't want it to happen to other local businesses. “It happened to me, it can happen to anybody else too,” said Kitisak Suthifripok, owner of Thai Orchid.

We will see if anybody recognizes the vehicle in the video and can identify them to the Wichita Falls Police Department. Remember you can call Crime Stoppers in Wichita Falls at 940-332-9888 with any tips about this crime.

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