Several people I would not want to be on their bad side, this dude is one of them.

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Everyone in Wichita Falls I assume knows Tolu. Cool dude who does MMA in town. Well Tolu has a cool shirt he is selling right now just in time for Saint Patrick's Day.

Tolu's Infamous Saint Patrick's Day Shirts

Yes, these are real shirts that Tolu started selling last year. I got a good chuckle every time I see someone wearing one around town. Tolu brought them back for 2024 and unfortunately someone decided to steal one as he was trying to sell some this past weekend.

Theft Caught On Camera in Wichita Falls

I need to stress this to stupid people in Wichita Falls. Don't commit crimes at The Deep End. Seriously, they have cameras in every corner of that place since they have expensive arcade machines. If someone does something to one of them, believe me you will be caught in HD glory for us all to see. Unfortunately this dude didn't know that and got caught LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF A CAMERA. Martin f***ing Scorsese couldn't not have gotten this guy more in frame than the cameras at The Deep End.

You Can Still Get a Shirt to Help Out Tolu

Well, I am sure the internet will find this guy and I decided to share to help get more eyeballs on it. If you enjoy the shirts and WANT TO ACTUALLY PAY FOR ONE. You can do so at the link above. Don't be a d*** and steal. It's really that simple.

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