Anybody recognize this piece of s***?

Listen, I was always told not to judge people. You may never know what they're going through. However, that goes out the window with me when you steal a tip jar from a business. You're not screwing over some major corporation when you do this. You're stealing from workers who depend on those tips.

Over the weekend, a man went and had some drinks at the Player's Lounge in downtown Wichita Falls. Looks like he decided to sneak away with the tip jar that the bartender had put out. No word on how much cash this guy got away with, but if you happen to recognize him. Get him to do the right thing and return the cash.

I doubt this will happen, but I will blast his stupid face all over this town to let folks to be on the lookout for him. It's almost December and I am sure the workers here are saving up with the holidays around the corner, hopefully some big tips come in the next few weeks to make up for it.

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By the way, if you're about to be one of these people that comment, you should've had the tip jar tied down or something. It's sad that people will blame the bartenders in this situation and not call out the guy for being the piece of s*** that he is.

Do better Wichita Falls, don't steal tips from any workers in town. It's one of the lowest things you can do and I will always share these photos and videos until you're caught.

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