Friday always means new music is dropping and today I discovered a new country song dropped about Wichita Falls.

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I have talked about this subject many times before, but I love the fact we have so many random songs written about our city. The most famous are from American Aquarium or Miranda Lambert. Nothing in my opinion will ever top the German disco song titled Wichita Falls, I will put that below if you have never heard it before.

Wichita Falls German Disco Song

Today though we're delving into the alternative county music world with an artist by the name of Gregory Dwane. He's dropping a new album called "Nostalgia for Nothing" which features a song on it called 'Wichita Falls'. Now Gregory is not a Texas guy that grew up in our area. He actually spent his childhood in North Carolina. I reached out to Gregory and he gave me the meaning behind the song.

Listen to Gregory Dwane's "Wichita Falls' Song

Meaning Behind Gregory Dwane's 'Wichita Falls'

I reached out to Gregory and here is what he told me about his new song:

My ex-wife’s brother passed away a few years ago to cancer. He was 36 and just a lovely person. He was married wife and kids and lived and worked Wichita Falls.

This song was about me trying to figure out how to process my feelings of loss and the pain that his wife felt. they were one of those couples that was just a beautiful, loving relationship
Anyways, this is what came out there’s a broken heart and Wichita Falls
If you dig the song, go give Gregory a follow online. He's got Facebook, Instagram, and looks like he's on all the streaming platforms as well. Best of luck to Gregory in his music career and if he ever makes his way for a tour stop through our city. We better get to hear this song in Wichita Falls.

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