One bite everybody knows the rules.

So if you're asking yourself, what in the hell is the one bite app? You may have not heard of Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports. He has a video series where he reviews pizza throughout the country. Many of these videos have hundreds of thousands of views and it's really just a guy eating pizza.

So why do people love these videos? One because it's Dave. Two because Dave is brutally honest with his reviews. Even if the owner is standing right beside him when he is giving the review. Along with his video series, they have launched and an app called One Bite.

Basically it shows you all the pizza places in town and it also shows you which ones Dave has been to. Obviously, Dave has not been to Wichita Falls, but the app also runs on user reviews. So what does the One Bite App say is the best pizza in Wichita Falls?

Stone Oven's downtown location narrowly beats out Half Pint. Stone Oven downtown got a 6.7 and Half Pint got a 6.6. Which are honestly respectable scores on the Dave scale. Stone Oven just off Midwestern Parkway has a 6.2. Several places in town do not have any scores, the most surprising in my opinion is Bully's Grill. That is a definite favorite for me. Also Luigi's near the base is not featured on the app. That is also a must eat pizza in my opinion.

So if you want to check it out, just enter one bite in Google Play or Itunes. Also click that button below to get our app on your phone.

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