What is with all the bakers being uncomfortable with gay people? What is in icing to make you so hateful? 

A lot of news stories have popped up the past few years of bakeries refusing to make cakes for gay weddings. If you don't want to make the cake, fine. Do not do what this Whole Foods in Austin allegedly did.

A Texas pastor named Jordan Brown went to the grocery store to get a cake for one of his congregants. The cake he ordered was a simple one. He just wanted 'Love Wins' on the cake. When he got home he noticed the cake said 'Love Wins Fag'. Brown shows that the cake is clearly sealed to prove he didn't add it himself and try to scam Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is denying the accusation that one of their employees wrote the slur on the cake and issued a statement saying that the store’s “team members do not accept or design bakery orders that include language or images that are offensive.” The statement from Whole Foods also says that when Pastor Brown ordered a “Love Wins” cake, that’s exactly — and only — what he got.

Pastor Brown is now suing Whole Foods, but he is willing to drop the lawsuit if Whole Foods would be willing to work on implementing diversity training measures. Brown said Whole Foods has yet to respond to that request.

Photo Courtesy of Austin Kaplan