As of Monday night, five people have died and hundreds have been evacuated as a result of the rising flood waters in Houston.

On an emergency website today, city officials warned Houston residents that the flood conditions are definitely life threatening and residents should avoid traveling at any cost.  Harris County seems to be hit the hardest by the floods, with four of the five related deaths from Harris County, and over 1,000 homes flooded.  Crews have performed 1,200 high-water rescues thus far, but some flooding is too deep to attempt a rescue in a high-water vehicle, leading to crews attempting rescues in boats.

Estimates have 240 billion gallons of rain falling on Houston so far, with that number sure to rise with thunderstorms predicted through Tuesday night.  Hobby Airport cancelled 200 flights today and eight area hospitals closed to new patients as a result of the flooding.  Some apartment complexes were also evacuated with tenants being housed in a local mall.

All five confirmed deaths resulted from vehicles being swept up by the flood.

via CNN

video via Houston Chronicle

video via Houston Chronicle