Planning a summer road trip before the kids go back to school? Well if you want to stay in Texas, here is where the experts say you should go.

Keep Scrolling to Check out the Best Summer Vacation Spots in Texas

In not shocking news, Texas is a massive state. Planning a road trip to some of these parts are easily a half a day journey without even leaving Texas. Hopefully you can add some of these to your bucket list for places to visit at some point during the summer.

5. Santa Fe, Texas

Located just south of Houston, Santa Fe is a small Texas town where if you're trying to relax. This is the place for you. The town is home to a ridiculous amount of spas, plus a popular destination in the summer is the Santa Fe Railyard. It's an arts/entertainment district. It offers dining, drinking, shopping, and live events all summer long.

4. New Braunfels, Texas

Many spend their Texas summers floating the river and one of the top cities for that is New Braunfels. You can float the Guadalupe or Comal river in town. If you love a good summer drive in movie, the town is home to the Stars and Stripes Drive In.

3. Big Bend National Park

Everything is bigger in Texas and if you want to go to the biggest state park, that would be Big Bend which sits on over 300,000 acres. If you love the outdoors, this is the summer destination for you. If you love to stargaze, this is one of the best spots in all of Texas at night.

2. Austin, Texas

Let's show some love to the state capital that likes to keep things weird. If you love live music, Austin is the place for you during the summer. When it comes to the best food in the state, Austin and San Antonio consistently rank near the top as the best.

1. Galveston Beach

Charles Barkley would disagree, but Galveston Beach is for those that want salt water in their life. The Historic Pleasure Pier also offers some thrill rides if you're not a beach person. If you hate ocean water, don't worry. A Schlitterbahn location is not too far away.

No matter where your summer road trip is planned for in Texas. Have a safe journey and hopefully you get to check out some beautiful parts of our state. Rankings were taken from Hometogo, more info can be found here.

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