Bust out the N64, it's time to relive the 90's with the ultimate 90's drink.

Surge has been trying to make a comeback in recent years and for good reason. It was amazing, granted not the healthiest drink for you. If you're around my age, you grew up on the sugar overload of Surge. We have reported Surge comebacks before, but every time I would go they were sold out. Also, Amazon was charging an arm and a leg for Surge. Finally, Cinemark had a Surge slushie.

Sadly, it seems like Surge gets exciting again, then the excitement dies down and it goes away again. If you have been patiently awaiting Surge in a soda fountain, your patience has finally paid off. Burger King has announced that Surge will be coming to their restaurants, sort of.

Burger Kings that have the Coca-Cola Free Style Machines will get Surge. Those are the touch screen Coke soda fountains you may have seen before. Good News! Wichita Falls Burger King on Kemp AND the one on Holiday Street both have those freestyle machines. I don't know exactly when they will be coming here, but they will be coming.

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