The soda from my childhood is making somewhat of a comeback.

The obvious Mountain Dew ripoff that Coca-Cola came out with in the 90s unfortunately left us during the new millennium. I will be honest with you, I preferred Surge over Mountain Dew and my God was it amazing. Yes, sugar overload, but every soda has that.

My first experience with Surge was when I was attending a circus at an arena and outside there was a Surge Truck. They were literally giving away free cans of Surge. My mother being the hoarder that she is stuffed two cases worth in her purse and pockets. I seriously drank too much soda that night, but it was amazing. If being drunk off soda is a thing, I was that night.

Well if you were a Surge addict like myself, you can now order it online through Amazon. No its not leftovers from the 90's. Its actually new. A twelve pack will cost you fourteen dollars. A little pricey for some soda, but if the response is good, they may start selling it in stores again. All I can say is, my dreams would be answered then.

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