I hadn't thought about "New Coke" in years and just this morning I was looking at significant events on this day in history and noticed this was the day Coca-Cola realized their blunder and announced they were bringing back the original formula known as "Coca-Cola Classic".

I kind of alternate between Coke and Dr. Pepper when it comes to soda choice (even though it's been Coke Zero here lately in an attempt to shed my winter weight), but I love Coke and I remember the furor it caused when they switched formulas. People were going to the grocery stores in Vernon and filling their baskets with as much of the original formula as they could buy.

I tried my first New Coke in the snack bar at Vernon Intermediate School when I was in the fifth grade and my first impression was that it tasted like Pepsi but even sweeter and more syrupy. It wasn't totally gross but I didn't like it remotely as much as the original formula.

After doing some research, I found out that it is widely believed to have been a marketing ploy as Coca-Cola had lost a lot of their market share to Pepsi-Cola and when they brought back the original formula it resulted in a huge gain in sales. If that's the case, it was a smart thing to do but man it sure sucked not not having the original for that period of time and I must admit the first time I drank a "Coke Classic" it was blissful.