Well, what do we have here? 

Like so many other Texans, I love Dr. Pepper. I go with the zero-sugar version most of the time these days, but now and then I need that full-blown sugar rush. 

I don’t know what is about Dr. Pepper’s limited-edition flavors, but I tend to get excited about them. It’s weird, because I’m also a big fan of Coke, but I tend to not like a lot of the new flavors they introduce, for whatever reason.

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But there aren’t very many variations of Dr. Pepper I don’t like. 

I also happen to be quite fond of coconuts. So, you can count on me to try the new Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut as soon as I spot one in the cooler when they arrive this summer. 

Some of the people commenting on the post on X think it sounds gross. My guess is that they don’t like coconut flavor in any form. 

Because dirty sodas are all the rage right now. And that’s basically what Dr. Pepper is capitalizing on.

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