Pretty cool someone local got some of this tuition money.

I am sure we have a lot of folks in Texoma that love Braums AND Dr Pepper. Through your support, they were able to give back to the community. They recently announced their winners for the ninth annual tuition giveaway and some folks in our area may recognize one of the winners.

attachment-Aasta Shaw - Burkburnett, TX

Aasta Shaw of Burkburnett, Texas

Congratulations to Aasta, she walked away with a $1,000 check. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in medical laboratory science but has wanted to return to school for several years. "I am so grateful to have won this prize so I can further my education," she said. "I am inspired by my faith in Christ, my family and all the wonderful people in my life." Shaw loves to bring her family to Braum's, and she especially enjoys Braum's Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate ice cream.

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I personally think the birthday cake ice cream is their best flavor, but I think I will need to try Aasta favorite soon. In total, $50,000 in tuition money was given away to Braums customers and workers in four states. Texas had six total winners, including Aasta. Typically this tuition contest happens September through October and the winners are announced the following year.

How Braums/Dr Pepper Tuition Contest Works

The cool thing is the money is transferable to family members. So if you had a kid that was about to go into college, you could give the money to them. If you have already finished college, the money can also go towards paying off your student loans. The Dr Pepper tuition award covers college or post-secondary vocational institutional tuition, fees, books, supplies, equipment, related educational expenses, or on-campus room and board. Winners can also use the tuition award to pay off student loans.

"This partnership is a wonderful way for Braum's to give back to our communities," said Drew Braum, President and CEO. "It also helps our employees who are still in school or have kids in school."

So keep an eye out this fall if you're interested in winning. We had someone in our area win and it would be cool if we had a streak going into next year.

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