If these two can put an end to their differences, then the world could really be a better place.

The video above would be my reaction if this actually happens. McDonald's and Burger King working together? That could never happen. Well Burger King is willing to do it for the Peace One Day Campaign. They want to combine their iconic sandwich, the Whopper, with McDonald's Big Mac. Making the McWhopper, sounds delicious.

They're going to have a pop up location, kind of similar to what Krispy Kreme did here in Wichita Falls for their birthday. It will be in Atlanta, which is in between the McDonald's and Burger King headquarters. Peace One Day is taking place on September 21st, we will see if McDonald's will agree.

All I am going to say is, when I was a kid, I never thought I would see Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario in the same game. Now they're everywhere together. Seriously, if you told me that when I was six, I would have called you the dirtiest liar. No way those two could ever work together. Well it happened and so should this. Do the right thing McDonald's.

Check Out Burger King's Proposal Below:

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