I was kind of mad when this was a Japan only exclusive, but some genius at corporate Burger King thought this would be a good idea for America. Someone give that guy a raise. 

About this time last year, Burger King unveiled a black burger in Japan. Everything was black, the bun, cheese and even the sauce on the burger. I believe they used squid ink in Japan from what I read online. Don't worry if that doesn't sound appetizing to you. Our burger will be infused with A1 steak sauce instead.

In Japan, it was called the 'Kuro Burger', here it will be know as the 'Halloween Whopper'. Unlike the Japan version, we will be getting the standard yellow American cheese. So basically, just a black bun burger. Don't care, still want to try it. The 'Halloween Whopper' is expected to cost $4.99.

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