Another case of you cannot make this stuff up.

Two women in Florida were arrested for beating up a Burger King manager after they were refused free french fries.

According to Fox 35 in Orlando, 42-year-old Natasha Bagley was arrested Monday. Her accomplice, 27-year-old Genesis Peguero remains at-large. The whole, sad incident went down on April 2. Bagley and Peguero went through the drive thru of the restaurant on the South Dixie Highway in Miami and asked for free fries. When they were refused, they went inside to argue with an employee.

Peguero jumped over the counter and a manager tried to break up the argument. Peguero then reportedly pulled a pistol on the manager and demanded money from the register. The manager tried to call police and Peguero grab the phone and began beating the manager. Bagley then went over the counter to join in on the beating. Before police could arrive, the pair fled in a black SUV.

Bagley remains in the Miami-Dade County Jail on no bond.

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