It's a blast from the overly-sugared past. Coca-Cola is once again selling Surge in stores.

Originally launched as a way to compete with Mountain Dew in that bygone era known as the '90s, the popular drink, which has an astounding 56 grams of sugar per serving, had been discontinued in bottles and cans in 2002. A year later, you could no longer get it in soda fountains, leaving a diabetic-sized hole in the appetites of fans.

The soda had been brought back online in recent months -- beginning last year, customers could get their hands on Surge on Amazon, continuing a not-so-underground movement from fans who love the beverage.

If you've been up nights wondering how you can buy Surge, this online map should be a huge help and will let you know how far you'll have to travel before you gulp it down and have enough caffeine in your system to keep you up several more nights.

Happy hunting. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to try and find Pepsi Free.

In the meantime, enjoy this Surge commercial from 1997.

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