If you plan on attending the Wichita Falls Nighthawks game this Saturday (6/10), football will not be the only competition going down. 

I have now attempted four official Wichita Falls food challenges for our Stryker v. Food video series (the fourth episode is currently being edited). I set the record on three and failed only one. I am ready to take on all challenges in our area and we actually got a new one created thanks to the chefs with Spectra at the MPEC.

You may remember a few weeks ago I did a story about the MPEC looking for a local Wichita Falls restaurant to take over one of their food stands. When I sent them that story I may have dropped a hint about them making a possible Wichita Falls food challenge for me to take on. Well, they agreed and today they unveiled the Mega Monster Brisket Burrito.


Mega Monster Burrito created by Spectra chefs at the MPEC

This almost five-pound burrito has brisket, beans, potatoes, cheese, and is smothered in a mild green chili sauce and covered in more cheese and garnished with tortilla chips. If you're interested in trying this delicious burrito for yourself, you can. Just in a smaller version. For just five bucks you can get a mini monster burrito at concession stands one and four during the Nighthawks game this Saturday.

I will not be alone in this food challenge. We have teamed up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wichita County for their Man Up and Mentor Program. So two bigs and two littles have joined the challenged and will be competing against me. Big Brother Tom and Little Brother Cameron along with Big Brother Nick and Little Brother Gavin. The two teams will each get their own burrito, so the big and little will try to demolish this five-pound monstrosity together.

A local Wichita Falls firefighter and a police officer will also have their own five-pound burritos to demolish. So five burritos in total will be consumed in ten minutes. That's right, around twenty-five pounds of food. It won't be pretty.

The competition will be going down at halftime for the game. I would love to see you there. You can buy tickets here.

If you can't make it out, we will be broadcasting the challenge live on The Buzz Facebook. So be sure you have us liked. Also be sure you have your page notifications set to ON for The Buzz page so you know when it's going down. The Nighthawks say it will be happening around 8pm. With it being a football game, we don't have an exact time for halftime.

Notifications ON

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