A lot of new businesses are going into this area and Buffalo Wild Wings wants to be a part of the action. 

Over on Callfield Drive, a lot of businesses have gone in near Faith Village Shopping Center and across near McCallisters. That area looks completely different from when I moved here in 2007. Looks like Buffalo Wild Wings wants to move into this developing area with a new restaurant.

The Buffalo Wild Wings will be moving into an area between the Braums and Burlington Coat Factory (see photo above). Additional parking for the restaurant will be across the street, which is currently a residential area.

TRN reports that Exceptional Brands, Buffalo Wild Wings' parent company, plans to demolish the first two rent houses on the west side of Gosset (4003 and 4005) at the corner of Callfield. Wichita Falls city council has agreed to rezone the area for general commercial use. There are also plans to build a fence to block the additional parking lot from the residential neighborhood, similar to what Cinemark has up in Parker Square.

Location of Additional Parking Lot Across the Street/ Townsquare Media

I called up to Buffalo Wild Wings current location in the mall and they said the plans are still up in the air for their location. Most likely, the location in the mall will shut down when that new store is ready to open up. I think that's a good idea. No point in having two Buffalo Wild Wings almost a block away. Can't wait to check out the new restaurant.

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